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On Lessons from the Terracotta Warriors 7/10/16
On Exploring the Ancient City of Xi’an 6/28/16
On Leaving Beijing in a Most Undignified Manner 6/23/16
On How I Accidently Snuck into the National Museum of China 6/21/16
On Communicating without the Aid of Spoken Language 6/19/16
On University Teaching (and Learning) in China 6/16/16
On Window(less) Shopping in Guangzhou 6/15/16
On Eating (and Not Eating) in China 6/10/16
On Lessons from a Foreign Traveler 6/8/16
On My First Evening in China; Trust & the Confused Tourist 6/6/16
On Fulfilling Childhood Dreams 6/4/16
On Chinese Cooking and Being in the Know 5/27/16
On Language, Past Travel Disasters, & Pesky Back Left Molars 5/19/16
On Visas (Again), Bicycles, & Hope for a Vegetarian Traveler 5/17/16
On Visas, Ulcers, and Other Trip Details 5/3/16
On Trip Planning...and Fur 4/20/16